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My Skin Story
My Story
Pictures --Feb 1st to 5th .2005
Pictures --Feb 12th to March 16th .2005
Pictures -- April 4th to April 18th .2005
Pictures -- May 15th .2005
Pictures -- May 17th to Aug.26th .2005
Pictures -- September 22nd to Oct 27th .2005

I'm making this site for anyone who happens to stumble across it and has trouble with their skin now or has had acne in the past.
Only those of us who have know what it feels like to live day in and day out afraid to look people in the eye. Having low self esteem that causes you to be afraid to imagine what othes must be dread looking into a mirror but feeling the need to because you just HAVE to know what you look like....the endless picking at your face which you just cant seem to stop.

I am being brave and posting my story and my pictures of my face.... to do what? I dont know, possibly give hope to people, or maybe try and let others know they are truly not decide.
But this is my story, and if you want, I will let you read it.