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My Skin Story

Pictures --Feb 1st to 5th .2005

My Story
Pictures --Feb 1st to 5th .2005
Pictures --Feb 12th to March 16th .2005
Pictures -- April 4th to April 18th .2005
Pictures -- May 15th .2005
Pictures -- May 17th to Aug.26th .2005
Pictures -- September 22nd to Oct 27th .2005

Please remember the acne and reddness in these pics are due to a reaction i had from a facial at a spa...I have never broken out like this before, and am hoping to get back to where I was before the whole facial thing...people let this be a lesson to you, always ask whats in the facial products and maybe have a it tested on a small patch of skin before going ahead with it.
February 1st 2005...Please note these are the most recent pictures I have of my face. Right now it is recovering. It used to be worse. Look at all those red imprints left from previous acne.




Feb 5 2005....I hate how the redness makes it look 100x worse!