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My Skin Story

Pictures --Feb 12th to March 16th .2005

My Story
Pictures --Feb 1st to 5th .2005
Pictures --Feb 12th to March 16th .2005
Pictures -- April 4th to April 18th .2005
Pictures -- May 15th .2005
Pictures -- May 17th to Aug.26th .2005
Pictures -- September 22nd to Oct 27th .2005

Feb 12 2005...It doesnt seem to want to get any less red!! Its pissing me off, I just want this all to end...




March 16 2005....WHOO HOOO! I feel ABSOLUTELY ELATED today. I still see so much imperfections but comparing to the other pics, it looks great...I cant believe I can finally say that!



March 16 2005....How I feel most comfortable around people, in make-up!...if you look closely you can see the redness...this was taken at the time of day I still hate, around 12:30-1:00ish when the sun is the most I have gotten so skilled at applying make-up maybe I should try it as a profession lmao. Love it or Hate it,The tanning is helping even out my skin tone well.
p.s This picture was also not taken by me so its a different angle and different, outside lighting.