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My Skin Story
Pictures -- April 4th to April 18th .2005
My Story
Pictures --Feb 1st to 5th .2005
Pictures --Feb 12th to March 16th .2005
Pictures -- April 4th to April 18th .2005
Pictures -- May 15th .2005
Pictures -- May 17th to Aug.26th .2005
Pictures -- September 22nd to Oct 27th .2005

April 4 2005....wooot! its getting clearer yeah! I'm so happy cause I'm off to college in the fall so I needed this!...oh and this is WITHOUT MAKE UP! yay!...there might be a little scarring but I think I can live with that.




April 18 2005...I got a bit of a burn, and my tan is otherwise fading...and I'm having one of those days where my skin just doesnt look good. See the camera just doesnt capture it!...I'm beginning to see scarring all the time and I hate it...and my make up looks all caked on when it is on which i also hate...and my skin is getting oily again!..yeah today is a feeling rotten day.