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My Skin Story
Pictures -- September 22nd to Oct 27th .2005
My Story
Pictures --Feb 1st to 5th .2005
Pictures --Feb 12th to March 16th .2005
Pictures -- April 4th to April 18th .2005
Pictures -- May 15th .2005
Pictures -- May 17th to Aug.26th .2005
Pictures -- September 22nd to Oct 27th .2005

Sept. 22nd 2006... With Makeup. I love this pic cause my skin looks great! Although thats not always the case, it has its ups and downs but this pic makes me look good :)


Oct 27th 2006... In this pic my makeup lookes more caked on even though I dont wear heavy coverage at all. I have been doing well, doing college, boyfriend, plans for the future. So life is good. But I'm still on always on the best terms with my skin. But I am beginning to accept it could be a life long problem.